Roboo is a DJ / Producer, artist and great lover of the music in all its style.Since 1996, when he started mixing cds and vinyls in his sets, he fits any style together always with sense. Roboo was born in Madrid, works in and out of Spain mixing as guest or resident in different clubs accompanied of national and international DJs, he also creates podcast dj set formats dedicated to out of fashion, untemporary and emotive music, mixing roots, electronic and lots of groove, same as his eclectic sets sound like Black Music, Downtempo, House, Techno, Jungle, Rock....etc.

In the year 2000, he created a music label called Roboomusic, it sounds like 90´s electronic music, 80´s new wave bands and 70´s or 60´s lo-fi style, sci-fi sounds and psychedelic melodies of simple production.